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Alan Caggiano, PsyD

California Licensed Psychologist

Welcome to Stress Leave Psychologist

I offer personalized support to healthcare professionals, including nurses, facing work-related stress. My services include psychological assessments and guidance for temporary leave. With my expertise in administering psychological tests such as the MCI-IV, I can provide accurate documentation to support your leave requests.

My approach ensures that you receive ongoing support to return to work with renewed resilience.

Let me be your partner towards better mental health.

Assessment and Evaluation:

I offer a comprehensive psychological assessment process to help determine the need for stress leave and provide tailored recommendations for your specific situation.

My process includes:

Psychological Testing

Personalized Analysis


I utilize standardized tests such as the MCI-IV to evaluate cognitive functioning, emotional well-being, and stress levels. This helps us understand how work-related stress is affecting your mental health and daily life.

I analyze your test results and other relevant factors, such as your work environment and personal history, to form a complete picture of your situation.

Based on the assessment, I provide a clear plan of action, including recommendations for stress management strategies and, if necessary, support for obtaining a temporary leave from work.

Counseling and Support

My counseling services are designed to support you through stressful times and help you regain balance in your life. I offer:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

A goal-oriented approach that helps you identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors contributing to stress and burnout.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Learn mindfulness techniques to manage stress and improve your ability to stay focused and present in the moment.

Individual Counseling

Personalized one-on-one sessions to work through your specific challenges and develop coping strategies.

Stress Leave Assistance

I provide guidance and support throughout the process of obtaining a temporary leave from work due to stress.


Employer Communication

Follow-Up Support

I can assist you in gathering the necessary medical and psychological documentation to support your leave request.

I provide advice on how to approach conversations with your employer about your need for leave and any accommodations you may require.

I offer continued support during your leave to help you manage your stress and work towards recovery